How to Generate Leads With No or Only a Few Listings.

Of course, the more listings you have the more opportunities you have to generate leads.

But what do you do in the meantime?  Watch this video and find out 3 great ways to generate buyer and seller leads while promoting your business.

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How to Get Seller Leads for Experienced and New Agents!

Learn how to generate seller leads with no listings!

Always make sure you know your MLS regulations regarding marketing listings that are not yours before doing this strategy.

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The Best “Just SOLD” Marketing, Lead Generation and SEO!

Your listing sold?

This is one of the best times to generate leads and SEO from your Listings-to-Leads ‘Just SOLD’ marketing module.

Watch the video below to see how easy and powerful it is.

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Business Generation Tips: “Just Listed!”

Pricing a home correctly when it is first listed it is crucial. So too is the marketing for generating buyers for your listing and business for you.

Our ‘Just Listed’ Marketing, Lead Generation and SEO Checklist for every listing will help generate more buyers for your listings and more business for you!


Click here if you want to generate more buyers for your listings and more business for you!
Scott Pierce



Listings-to-Leads’ Listing SEO Plan (Video)

Sellers, buyers, neighbors and more do a Google search of the address of listings of interest (ones down the street from them, ones they drove by, ones they are curious about, etc).

While it is not a lot…they are an exceedingly motivated group….otherwise they would not have sat down, opened a browser and typed in the listing address to begin with!

What comes up on page 1 of Google can determine whether you have a chance to engage them and get the business or if someone else is going to.

If a 3rd party website comes up and is clicked, you lost. If one of your online marketing tools comes up with multiple calls-to-action or your website comes up, you have a chance to win.

This strategy is also used by top agents to show sellers how they can dominate Google SEO for their listings to attract more buyers to THEM for their listings vs. sending buyers to other websites and people.

The following tools in Listings-to-Leads can be used to dominate page 1 of Google for your listings with proven call-to-actions to generate traffic, leads and more business. Each item should take 1-2 minutes to do and should be done according to the 25+ Point Listing Marketing, Lead Generation and SEO checklist in your Listings-to-Leads account (1-2 minutes for each):

  1. YouTube video
  2. Coming Soon eFlyer on Blog
  3. Coming Soon eFlyer in website (custom page)
  4. Just Listed eFlyer on Blog
  5. Just Listed  eFlyer in website (custom page)
  6. Property Website on Blog
  7. Property Website in website (custom  page)
  8. Virtual Tour on blog
  9. Virtual Tour in website (custom page)
  10. Open House eFlyer on Blog
  11. Open House eFlyer in website (custom  page)
  12. Your Listings-to-Leads Single Property Website on its’ own

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Train-to-Recruit: Email Marketing / eFlyers

Learn how to use the T2R/L2L Email Marketing and eFlyer content via email, social media and blogs to attract agents and brokers to hear more about how you can help them grow their business via the property marketing, lead generation and SEO tools you provide your agents.

This is a free* module within the Listings-to-Leads broker dashboard. If your Train-to-Recruit account has  not been turned on yet, email T2R@listingstoleads.com now!


Listings-to-Leads Introduction Webinar

Interested in learning how to use Listings-to-Leads 25+  Point Listing Marketing, Lead Generation and SEO Checklist for your listings so that you can show seller’s what a REAL online marketing strategy looks like (and WIN  the listing presentation!), market their property and generate leads and SEO along the way?!

Watch the video below to learn how.

If you are  not a client yet, sign up for your 14 day FREE Trial now at http://www.listingstoleads.com!

Recruiting from Listings-to-Leads: Train-to-Recruit

Click to View Train-to-Recruit Home Page

You want to recruit good agents to your office? Show them the value you bring in helping them increase their business.

Two emails just this week continue to prove the power and value you have made with Listings-to-Leads:

“I have never gotten such awesome bang for my buck as Listings to Leads. Not only do people sign up for the various lists but they are very responsive.” – L2L Agent Client

“I am closing a deal for $610,000 in a market where $275,000 is average on a lead generated using the tools in Listings-to-Leads.” – L2L Agent Client

Join us next week to learn how to use our new module ‘Train-to-Recruit’ to attract listing agents to your office!

Webinar Invitation – Wednesday, September 26th at 1pm PDT:

Please watch the video below for a quick overview.

Open House Marketing, Lead Gen & SEO – Before, During and After!

Learn how to turn your Open House into a full fledged marketing, lead generation and SEO event before, during AND after the Open House itself.

The Listings-to-Leads’ Open House module is the 3rd of 7 module and a part of the 25+ Touch Event Based Marketing, Lead Generation and SEO that every listing gets in the Listings-to-Leads platform.

Start your 14 Day FREE Trial now, or pricing and more information at http://www.listingstoleads.com


Vanity URL’s for Property Websites, Sign Riders, Flyers and Postcards that Generate Business


Agents always ask us how to buy the property address as the URL for their L2L Property Website to use on their sign riders, flyers, postcards, etc. Vendors love selling these as they make a commission on everyone you buy, but it does not do you much good at all. Especially in the long run.

Watch the video below to see why buying your FARM Vanity URL will generate you more business, promote your business overall and win you more listing presentations….and save you money.

If you are not a Listings-to-Leads client yet, start your free trial, or get more information at: http://www.listingstoleads.com

Great Dancing, Music & Singing Videos for Kids and Parents

Here are some off the charts great old school dancing videos with great music and singing  that will get kids off the couch. And be sure to play all full screen  and LOUD volume!!

A few from the Nicholas Brothers to start it off strong:

Watch for the jumps and FAST foot  work:


With Cab Calloway:


Dorthy Dandridge:


Gene Kelly with Jerry (not the best quality, but kids love Jerry):


Gene Kelly and Danny Kaye singing and Moses’, roses, etc:


Make them laugh!! They’ll laugh for sure:


Dancing in the Rain?! What kid does not love this idea:


Fred Astaire full of color:
(might be a bit long and not the best for all kids)


Gene in Paris…my kids got into singing  “I got!” really quick (quality not the best. You know a better link?!):


Let me know if you have any others that will captivate kids attention and get them to enjoy dancing, music and singing!


Open House Lead Generation: Before, During & After!

Open House Lead Generation

Learn how agents are generating leads before, during and after Open Houses from multiple channels!

Register for a session now by clicking a date below:

Tue, May 1, 2012 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT 
Wed, May 2, 2012 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT
Thu, May 3, 2012 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT
Fri, May 4, 2012 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT


As a real estate agent, you know that this career is the best combination of using your people skills, your business skills and your technology skills.

As the broker/owner of Florida Future Realty Inc., I am focused on developing your people and business skills which will help you take your career to the next level.

As a part of Florida Future Realty Inc. and as a tech savvy broker/owner, we offer the best technology systems that will let you grow your business in ways that that you may have never imagined.

Watch this powerful video and learn skills

that will take your career to the next level.

Agents with business plans make

more money. Get yours now!

L2L Real Estate Software for Open Houses

An Open House is a great time to find people interested in buying a home and selling a home.  With Listings-to-Leads you now have a real estate software program that can help you market that Open House while generating leads before, during, and after the event.

For Agents that want to hold an Open House for the Listing Agent, you use the same program to start generating leads.


You should be able to download the presentation by clicking this link Open House Marketing.  And you can also watch our webinar that we just recorded on the subject below.

Agents can start a free trial at http://listingstoleads.com/   
Brokers can inquire about an office package by contacting Vince Meza, vince@listingstoleads.com   800-788-8508


The Numbers: How Listings-to-Leads Compares

1st image is one of the largest  brokers in the United States with a partial roll out to their agents. Listings-to-Leads is L2L Network.

2nd image is from a nice  size  broker using only the CL tools at the  broker level.

Virtual Tours: Generate Leads from 500+ websites and Win More Listing Presentations

Click for Full Image

When you combine a Virtual Tour with a Landing Page system you get a machine that will pull traffic and leads to you from the top real estate websites on the Internet.

STOP doing Virtual Tours just for your sellers and start doing them for YOU!

Learn more about ALL the ways to drive traffic,  generate leads and win more listing presentations and start your free trial here: http://www.listingstoleads.com

Listings-to-Leads, FloorPlanOnline & Your YouTube Videos

Learn how to integrate your marketing tools into one marketing and lead generation strategy for better engagement and lead generation!

Learn how to: Set-up your Lead Generation links for maximum lead generation, import your FloorPlanOnline Floor Plan AND your YouTube videos for one awesome marketing tool that will wow consumers and generate more leads!

This same idea will work with any tools that give you embed code for their tools!

Start YOUR free trial here: http://www.listingstoleads.com

Best Social Media and Blog Lead Gen and SEO Tool – Listings-to-Leads

Using Listings-to-Leads every piece of content you create, from blog posts to videos will become an entire  lead generation and SEO system!

Learn how to generate leads from Social Media and blogs using  Listings-to-Leads. Make every blog post write or video you create create more business for you with Listings-to-Leads!


Join us for a Live Training Call to learn how!

Date: Thursday, March 15th

Register: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/160842458

Listings-to-Leads to TigerLead

As one of the premier lead generating websites for Real Estate, TigerLead has a lot of top Realtors in the country successfully generating leads and business from them. But everyone always wants more leads and more business. That is where Listings-to-Leads comes in.

Learn how Listings-to-Leads can drive even MORE high quality traffic to your TigerLead website  from across the internet making your investment in your TigerLead website one of the best in the industry.


If you are not already a Listings-to-Leads client, start your FREE trial now at: 

Welcome to Your Listings-to-Leads Account

Welcome to the Listings-to-Leads Program!

While we set-up your account for you, please watch this video to learn how to get started faster and easier:



Key links and information:

1. Email for information on how to get your listings sent to Listings-to-Leads automatically: listings@listingstoleads.com (put in your company name, state and MLS)


2. Watch the video below to Learn more about the NEW Listings-to-Leads eFlyer Lead Generation Campaign!

24 leads in two days, multiple deals closed, referrals are just a bit of the feedback agents have given us from this!



3. Go to Facebook for more information on our training schedule, tips & tricks and more!






eFlyers: Massive Lead Gen from Just Listed to Just SOLD. Learn How.

Generate Leads from Video, Blogs, Social Media, Email, Local Media, Online Marketing & Google!

L2L 2012 Lead Gen & Marketing Kick Start


Register now to learn how agents are generating leads for less than $1 per lead.

Sarasota, FL Golf Course Homes and Interview VIDEO

Enjoy the Sarasota, FL Golf Course Homes for Sale video with an interview with our  favorite young golfer!Sarasota, FL Golf Course Homes for Sale are some of the best golfing homes in the world.

In this video, our favorite home is the last one with the balcony overlooking Siesta Key!

Sarasota, FL Homes for Sale
Search All Homes For Sale
Siesta Key, FL Homes for Sale
Golf Course Homes for Sale
Homes Close to Where You Work
Free List of Foreclosed Homes For Sale
What is your home worth?
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Listings-to-Leads and Video Part 5: Content Video for SEO and Lead Generation

Amazing SEO and beautiful content for Social Media and Email Marketing from videos created in Listings-to-Leads. What do you want to get found and generate lead for? Luxury Waterfront Homes? Foreclosures? Noe Valley, San Francisco Homes? Pick your niche and create your video in L2L and click to YouTube, click to blog, share on social media, email to contacts….you will NOT find a better way to leverage video for Social Media, SEO and Lead Generation!

If you create your own videos, watch Video 4 in this series to see how to import them into Listings-to-Leads to leverage them through our program.

Join us to learn how!

Wed, Dec 21, 2011 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Thu, Dec 22, 2011 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST


How to Create and Leverage Video to Generate Leads and SEO for Real Estate (VIDEO)

Our webinar featuring Keller Williams agents Javier Reyes
and Scott Taylor was a huge success and had an amazing turn
out of agents, brokers, office principals, MCA's, TL's,
and others most of whom were amazed with the power of the
Listings-to-Leads program to generate leads easily and cost efficiently.

We have had many requests for a replay of the webinar, so we decided to record
two short videos to distill both segments into the main points for everyone.

Here is the recap on Javier Reyes discussion of how he uses Listings-to-Leads
to generate high quality leads from Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia and more.
If you are not yet generating enough leads cost efficiently start doing so now 
with your FREE trial: http://www.listingstoleads.com

Edit Your Listings for Maximum Lead Generation on Craigslist and More

Learn how to quickly and easily edit your listing for maximum lead generation on Craigslist and more.

Listings-to-Leads Lead Generation and SEO Training: Thanksgiving Week

Open Help Desk: Account Set-Up, Links, How to Start Generating Leads

YES, there is a Friday after Thanksgiving training session!! A perfect time to spend a few minutes getting your lead generation plan squared away with the phones NOT ringing.

Please join us to learn how to make sure your account is set-up to start generating leads and how to use Listings-to-Leads’ proven features as well as new features.




DATE: Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

DATE: Wednesday, November 23rd

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

DATE: Friday, November 25th

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Virtual Tour eFlyer: Generate More Leads While Maximizing Listing Exposure

Virtual Tours are important to real estate marketing. NAR Research states that Virtual Tours are 3rd in terms of importance to buyers, only after the property photos and details.

Listings-to-Leads virtual tours generate a 25-30% click through rate for our clients and brokers and agents around the country tell us that they are generating leads like never before after switching to Listings-to-Leads Virtual Tours from their old vendor.

Now learn how to send your Virtual Tour eFlyer out via email to capture even more leads, in particular from your seller’s friends, and their friend’s friends! It is EASY.

Watch the video and you’ll be on your way in just a few minutes.

Start your FREE Trial now and start generating leads: http://www.listingstoleads.com

215 Westgate, Sacramento CA Homes for Sale by Vincent Meza

Beautiful Luxury Mid Century Home
This magnificent, privately-gated 3-story brick mansion on a spectacular 10-acre site along the shores of the only ski-sized lake in Avila is an architectural masterpiece that reflects a timeless elegance both outside & throughout the 15,547 sq.ft. of sun-drenched interior spaces, providing a level of sophistication & comfort that perfectly accommodates moments of private relaxation, as well as spectacular occasions of entertainment, from parties & weddings to family reunions or charity events.
View the Virtual Tour for 215 Westgate Street, Carson, CA
Schedule a Showing
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Ventura Homes for Sale
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Foreclosed Homes For Sale
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Vince Meza
Vince @ Listings-to-Leads
L2L Virtual Tours

Listings-to-Leads Founder to Present at Sarasota Association of Realtors Tech Expo

“How to Generate Leads from Listing Syndication and Google”

SPEAKER: Scott Pierce, Founder & Chief Evangelist, Listings-to-Leads

Description: Learn how to generate leads from syndication of your listings on 100’s of websites and Google.

NAR’s 2010 Buyer and Seller Survey states that buyers rank Virtual Tours as the 3rd most important tool when looking at homes on the Internet after the pictures and property details.

Virtual Tours of your listings are all over the internet and get a lot of views, but too often that does not translate into you getting leads of quality home buyers.

You will learn how to create Virtual Tours that actually generate leads for you from 100’s of websites that your listings are syndicated to as well as from Google!

Learn more about the Listings-to-Leads program and start your FREE trial at http://www.listingstoleads.com

Just SOLD Postcard Lead Generation

Just SOLD a listing and getting ready to send out a Just SOLD postcard?! WAIT!

Learn how to use proven Lead Generation strategies to get more results from your time and money using your property’s Listings-to-Leads JUST SOLD Property Website.

Not a Listings-to-Leads client? Start your FREE Trial now at http://www.listingstoleads.com

Market Report Videos: Why Create, How to Market for Lead Generation and SEO

Learn the different types of video you can easily create and how to use them to generate leads all over the internet, direct mail, social media, email and more.


Market Report video in Single Property Website:

- Link to in direct mail via QR Code and Vanity URL in Just Listed Postcard
- Link to in direct mail via QR Code and Vanity URL in Just SOLD Postcard


Market Report video in Virtual Tour (see link for Southgate Sarasota Market Report:

- Link to from Virtual Tour via syndication to Trulia, Zillow from MLS or direct


Market Report video on Landing Page:

- Link to from direct mail via QR Code and Vanity URL to farm area
- Link to directly from Craigslist
- Display via iPad at Open House


Market Report Video on YouTube:

Currently #4 on Google for search of Southgate Sarasota,  FL Homes for Sale!
Great for generating more traffic and leads!


Market Report Video on Blog (WordPress, ActiveRain, RealTown, etc)

- Link to from Facebook, Twitter, etc (Awesome Social Media Content)
- Link to from email

Listings-to-Leads Mastermind Training: Email Marketing for Lead Generation and Business

“I got 5 showings from my email marketing via Listings-to-Leads!” Bob Davies, Realtor, Atlanta, GA

Tired of getting minimal or zero results from your email marketing?

Learn how to use email to market your listings and content with call-to-actions and links that generate traffic, leads and showings!

  1. Post multiple listing ad styles through your email
  2. Use our email signature with your custom call to actions

Join us this Thursday Oct. 13th, 4pm pacific


Auto Import Your Active Listings in Seconds and Start Generating Leads Fast and Easy!

Are you adding your listings into Listings-to-Leads manually?!?! NO MORE!!Now you can
‘Grab Active Listings’ and start marketing them in seconds!

Just log into your Listings-to-Leads account, click on Manage Listings and then Grab
Active Listings! Enter the Zip Code and MLS number and let us do the rest! In seconds
you will be marketing your listing and generating leads!Not a client yet and want to see
if your listings  are ready to market?

Go to Listings-to-Leads homepage and find out if your listings are available to start
marketing in seconds WITHOUT having to add all the data manually!

Click the video to learn how fast and easy you can start generating leads!!


Learn How to Generate Leads and SEO from Blogging via Social Media and Google

Are you tired of blogging and not getting enough leads and SEO from it?

Learn how to take your blogging to the next level and generate more leads, SEO and traffic from Social Media and Google with Listings-to-Leads Blog Posting Tool for Lead Gen and SEO.

Join us to learn what type of posts generate the best seller and buyer leads, how to integrate you blog with Social Media and Print Marketing and start generating leads and SEO like many of our clients.

Today, Friday at 3pm EDT (12 noon PDT):

Learn How to Generate Leads and SEO from Blogging
Sarasota, FL Homes for Sale
Search All Homes For Sale
Free List of Foreclosed Homes For Sale
Pacific Palisades, CA Homes for Sale
San Francisco, CA Homes for Sale
What is your home worth?
Avoid Foreclosure
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Craiglist is the #10 Website in the U.S.


The Easiest, Fastest and Most Powerful Way. No copying and pasting…