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With Listings-to-Leads you can leverage the internet the way the internet works.  Today we covered using multiple tools from Listings-to-Leads to get your listings found on the internet, and more importantly on Page 1 of Google.  Let’s face it, if you’re on page 3 or later, you almost needn’t be bothering with internet marketing.

In short we leverage blogs, and virtual tours to get your listings with custom lead generation links found on the web.

Combining these with our Craigslist ads, eFlyers, QR codes & landing pages you’ve got access to one of the most powerful real estate marketing software programs available.

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L2L Real Estate Software for Open Houses

An Open House is a great time to find people interested in buying a home and selling a home.  With Listings-to-Leads you now have a real estate software program that can help you market that Open House while generating leads before, during, and after the event.

For Agents that want to hold an Open House for the Listing Agent, you use the same program to start generating leads.


You should be able to download the presentation by clicking this link Open House Marketing.  And you can also watch our webinar that we just recorded on the subject below.

Agents can start a free trial at   
Brokers can inquire about an office package by contacting Vince Meza,   800-788-8508


The New Complete Open House Marketing System from Listings-to-Leads

Normally when someone asks you to hold an open house, the hair on the back of your next stands up.  Today however we have a new way to market that open house and more importantly to generate leads from it.  So even if you don’t have a listing and want to generate leads,  hold the open house for someone else and generate leads.  You now have tools to market this open house on Craigslist, Facebook, Blogs, Email and even with your iPad at the open house.  Watch the videos below to see how.

To access your account or start a new on go here


This video show’s you the New Open House Feedback tool and all the ways to market any Open House

Coldwell Banker Schmidt gets Lead Generation results from Listings-to-Leads

We met some of the team for Coldwell Banker Schmidt at the Gen Blue Conference last year.  After some time to evaluate Fred Schmidt thought it was a good program to roll out for his Agents.  He wanted to make sure that his Agents had great tools to help them be able to market and to generate more leads.

The way they have their websites setup for Agents each has their own IDX and with Listings-to-Leads, they can quickly use our ads on sites like Craigslist, Facebook that have direct links to Agent sites.

They also are using the Virtual Tours that we supply that have the same custom lead generation links.  These Virtual Tours can be dropped into Agent’s free accounts on Zillow, Trulia, and  Since Coldwell Banker uses the CREST system, they can drop the Virtual Tours there as well, and CREST syndicates the branded Virtual Tours with lead generation links to all sites that support Virtual Tours, including competitors.

Listings-to-Leads also supplies blog posts for Lead Generation too.  These posts can be used on Agent or Broker blogs on WordPress, ActiveRain, Realtown, Real Estate Marbles, Blogger and more.  All the blog posts, like all the other tools, have direct links driving traffic directly to the Agents’ sites.  Leveraging the powerful SEO from these blogs, Agents are able to find their posts on Page 1 of Google without paying for pay-per-click.  More striking is that now when someone finds the blog post there are multiple links to the the Agents’ websites.

For Agents that are less tech Savvy, there is an automated eFlyer system that sends eFlyers like Just Listed, Virtual Tours, Open House to the Agents so they can forward them on to Agents, Sellers, etc. again including the custom links to their sites.  Simple to use and effective.

For Agents that are savvy to Mobile Marketing, Listings-to-Leads also supplies QR Codes for each listing in their inventory, with a mobile website for each property.  And there is a separate QR Code for each Agent, with a mobile website that displays their info, their custom lead generation links and a link for each property in their inventory.

Listings-to-Leads also supplies customizable landing pages designed for lead generation too.  With focuses on shortsales, foreclosures, expireds, FSBOs, Free List of Homes, Market Reports, and more, Agents can use this area to continually market to their farms in an effecient way with a focus on lead generation.

There are even more tools like Seller Traffic Reports and a Listing Presentation that showcases all of the Listings-t0-Leads technologies as they benefit a potential seller.

Please take a minute to watch how Fred is relaying the solid and prompt value that his Agents are describing after using Listings-t0-Lead for just a few days.

If you have questions on how we can help your office too, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Vincent Meza

Join us for our 3 Day – 9 hour Agent Marketing Workshop!

If you want to increase your business in 2012, you need to take action now to improve your Marketing for next year.

Join us for 3 free 3 hour work sessions to get you up and running, this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between Christmas & New Year’s Eve.




We will:

- Help you get set-up to generate  leads from generating leads from Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, YouTube, Email and Social Media.

- Help you put together your Social Media content strategy to get more engaged friends and fans and generate more business

- Help you put together a niche market video strategy to increase business for you in your market

- Give you some great tips on how to leverage your email to market

- And so much more including how to use landing pages for HUD leads, FSBO/Expired Leads and other niches important to your business

You know you need to get these tools in your Marketing toolkit.  Join us to walk you through the process, and get you set up before you get off the call.  Of course we’ll show you the great tools that help you generate leads and traffic on all of those platforms.  You’ll leave these calls more knowledgeable and set to take action in 2012!


All the best!

Please comment and learn more about lead gen, SEO and more:

A great reason for Brokers to check into Listings-to-Leads: A valuable tool for Agents!

Hi Diane, (broker)I want to thank you and Star Real Estate for finding and sharing this program.  This program solves so many challenges that I’ve had in this business. I have attended expensive seminars that only wasted my time, drained my pockets, and though I may have learned what to do, i didn’t know HOW to do it.  Last Tuesday you introduced me to Listings to Leads and informed me that STAR was providing this to all their agents, Free!  You took several minutes introducing me to it and demonstrating its features which I quickly recognized did so many things for agents and replaced many other expensive “lead capture” programs.  However, it does tons more than that, easily posting listings to Blogs, Social Media sites, and Craigslist.  It does allot more though, but the bottom line is, this will improve our lives and should help generate more business. Another note: everything works just as shown in the training videos and though I am famous for not being technically inclined, I have found the tasks easy to complete quickly and without frustration, you what I’m talking about!  
Tim Gillam (agent)

It doesn’t get more clear than that!

When we meet broker owners for the first time, there is always some level of skepticism with how we can help them build their business. It’s natural since there are so many companies that claim they can help build there website SEO or generate leads via their website platform etc.   Still many don’t work the way one would like, or they do work but the cost per lead is so high that you have to question the return.

Last month we began rolling out our Listings-to-Leads program with Star Real Estate.  They are an independent brokerage in Orange County, an award winning company with many top producers in their county with just under 400 agents.  We were in their offices to do a rollout and of course we continue to train them to make sure their agents understand and get the value out of our lead generation system.  So you can see from the feedback above that the broker is getting, these agents feel like they are finally getting a marketing tool that is very valuable and that works.

At Listings-to-Leads we really look at normal real estate marketing and add a level of common sense to it.  Namely, your listing is great to advertise, but not everyone wants to buy your listing.  So we give the consumer more options to click custom links from our ads to your sites or to our lead capture forms provided by us for you.  With our system we apply custom links to each ad whether it’s on Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, WordPress, ActiveRain, RealEstateMarbles, Blogger, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.  You should already have these sites in your internet marketing strategy.  You should also have a way to capitalize off of that effort.  With Listings-to-Leads we integrate with all those sites with the goal of generating leads for you.  We also do it at a substantially lower cost.

People have come to us from companies paying up to $1,000 month for up to 80 leads, incredible.   The real estate listing destination sites can work in some areas, but then you have to measure the cost per lead, because we all know you won’t be closing every lead. Many of our clients are using the powerful websites like MarketLeader, Boomtown, Tigerleads and the like and come to us to drive more traffic and leads to those site many time for one-third of the cost.   These sites are great for delivering value to a consumer and for giving agents a way to manage and convert leads, but you still need leads and you need a lot.  I speak to a lot of big teams around the country and the average sounds like 3% conversion of all internet leads.  The smart teams are now on to the next level, converting at a higher rate.

So if you’re managing an office or your own business and wondering how you’re going to get more people into the office and more transactions, you need to have a strong, manageable and time efficient internet strategy.  If you want to recruit top talent you need a solid lead generation system to speak to.  And if you’re trying to ignite your new agents’ business, lead generation is at the top of your list.

We’re always happy to show you how it all works, so if you have questions let us know.

Vincent Meza



Best Real Estate Ads for Craigslist: Maximum Lead Generation, Easy and Cost Effective


Our webinar featuring Keller Williams agents Javier Reyes
and Scott Taylor was a huge success and had an amazing turn
out of agents, brokers, office principals, MCA's, TL's,
and others most of whom were amazed with the power of the
Listings-to-Leads program to generate leads easily and cost 

We have had many requests for a replay of the webinar, so we decided to record
two short videos to distill both segments into the main points for everyone.

Here is the recap on Javier Reyes discussion of how he uses Listings-to-Leads
to generate high quality leads from Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia and more.
If you are not yet generating enough leads cost efficiently start doing so now 
with your FREE trial:

Coldwell Banker Virtual Tours through Listings-to-Leads

Coldwell Banker has a unique tool at their disposal and when combined with the custom links in our Virtual Tours they have a very powerful marketing tool.  The key to this is the CREST system available nationwide.  When an Agent drops our Virtual Tour into their listing on CREST system, CREST syndicates it out overriding the rules of the local MLS.   REREAD THAT LAST STATEMENT.  That means our branded Virtual Tour with our custom lead generating links accompany the listing on any site that shows it.  In many cases this can be competitive sites.  Now Google can work for you without pay-per-click!

To see an example of our tour and our links click here VIRTUAL TOUR

If you’d like to find out how this can work for your office.  Let me know.

Enjoy the holidays!

Vince Meza


L2L – The low cost way to advertise for MarketLeader

A lot of our clients invest in robust websites provided by Marketleader, Boomtown, Point2, Tigerleads, etc. These sites excel in converting traffic to leads. The tough part of those sites is that the advertising costs can get pretty high, and the return can be negligible. However when clients combine sites like those mentioned above with our system, they are very pleasantly surprised be the increased lead generation with a substantially lower cost. To quickly see how this works take 5 minutes to watch the video below.

All the best!

Listings-to-Leads NEW “Market My Listings” Dashboard

It occurs to me that  we should call this the Market My Listings dashboard! Regardless, watch the overview  of the new Listings-to-Leads ‘Manage Listings’ dashboard, soon to be titled, “Market My Listings” dashboard.

More good news from a Lead Agent @ Keller Williams Marina del Rey

gotta feel the love!

You know we get caught up over here focusing on ways to make Listings-to-Leads a better system.  So we’re always happy to receive a message like this from our clients.  Many of our clients use websites designed by MarketLeader, Boomtown, Point2, and TigerLeads and they are very happy with the way our system compliments those sites.

Javier Reyes manages a Keller Williams team that focuses on real estate in Southern California & Las Vegas.  We talk a lot about online lead generation and make sure he understands how to make sure he gets the most out of our program and his other online resources.

This is his message that he sent us morning.  “I hope all is well. I have some concrete numbers for you. When I employed market leader for paid advertising I paid $600-$800 for 30-40 leads a month on the central coast. Currently, after 2 weeks of consistent use of L2L I have received 42 leads as of this am. I want to thank you for your help and support.”

Javier, thank you for your clear message.  By the way, Javier is paying us $20 dollars a month.  It reminds us of a call we had from Gordon Dey who owned an Exit Realty office in Pensacola. He told us on that over the 8 month period that he was using our system he cut his monthly marketing spend from $3,000 to $500, and that the majority of the $500 was coming to us, and the remainder was to keep his website up.  More importantly during that same period he grew his market share from 2% to 6%.

So that’s the story for today.  Listings-to-Leads can generate low cost leads for real estate agents and offices across the country.

To sign up for a free trial follow this link ->

Enjoy the Holidays,

Vince Meza 


Edit Your Listings for Maximum Lead Generation on Craigslist and More

Learn how to quickly and easily edit your listing for maximum lead generation on Craigslist and more.

Setting Up Your Profile in Listings-to-Leads

Learn how to set-up your Listings-to-Leads account to easily use the program to generate leads from Craigslist and throughout the entire L2L Network including YouTube, WordPress, ActiveRain, Facebook and more.


Watch the video below and set yourself up to start generating leads easier and for less money than ever before.

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Testimonial: From Keller Williams Marina Del Rey

gotta feel the love!

Javier Reyes and I were talking this morning and he was noticing that we are generating a lot of leads for him at a very low cost compared to what was happening with his Market Leader ad budget.  I agreed and said; yes, a lot of our clients use our program with strong websites like Market Leader, Boomtown & Point2 because we can drive so many more people to their sites at a fraction of the cost.

Here is how he puts it.  “Using Listings to Leads has produced far more leads and has been far more effective for my team than other more expensive marketing programs. It has allowed us to have flexibility in creating our marketing campaigns for specific demographics while at the same time saving us thousands of dollars.”

We’re working with him to get results from Craigslist, Virtual Tours, and helping put together a blog strategy that helps him grow his entire business.

Thanks Javier!

Keller Williams San Antonio Lead Generation Training with Listings-to-Leads

On November 15th Scott Pierce will be in San Antonio, TX with one of the largest Keller Williams offices in the United States as a guest of John Nelson doing a series of training sessions for their associates.

We will cover how to generate leads from: Craigslist, Syndication, Blogs/SEO and Email (Listings-to-Leads clients generate leads from ALL four of these funnels. Brokers and Agents actually generate leads from more places than this, but you can only cover so much information in one day)!

Don’t have your account yet? Get your free trial started now at

Increase Lead Conversion with New Listings-to-Leads Auto Responders

Auto Responders are typically the first email a lead will get from you!

Are your auto responders increasing lead conversion or are they getting ignored and deleted?!?!

Learn how to use the new personal lead generation auto responders from Listings-to-Leads.

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Southgate Sarasota, FL Real Estate Market Report and Highlight Video – August 2011

Southgate Sarasota, FL Real Estate and Homes for Sale August 2011 Market Report and Highlight Video now available for all homeowners in Southgate Sarasota, FL. (THIS IS A DEMO POST/INFO FOR TRAINING PURPOSES).If you did not receive this month’s report, or if you are a home buyer interested in purchasing a home in Southgate Sarasota, FL, get the full report and all the numbers here.

Get the FULL Report Now!

Sarasota, FL Homes for Sale
Search All Homes For Sale
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Free List of Foreclosed Homes For Sale
Avoid Foreclosure
What is your home worth?
Scott Pierce
Your Real Estate Company

Bad Tweet! Don’t Be a Twit When Marketing on Twitter.

Or anywhere else for that matter!

So much bad marketing on so many websites. Learn how to do good marketing AND generate leads while building your brand.

Special thanks to Suzanne Roy (twitter handle @RealEstateVAs)  whose content I borrowed and referenced.


NOTE: If your listing does not have something that would be really interesting to a (your) niche….I would consider not marketing it via Twitter or your Facebook Fan Page or Wall as it will only hurt your long term marketing opportunities as people start tuning you out. BUT do show the seller how to market THEIR home via  Social Media…to generate leads and build your brand from their friends!

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Listing Information on Blog: 

Landing Page for Niche:

Tulsa Golf Course Homes:

Suzanne Roy:






How to Market Your Open House on Facebook – Good Lead Generation

We see a lot of Realtors and Brokers that market their Open Houses on Facebook. Badly. It is fantastic   that you are going the extra mile to market your sellers homes and it is equally great that you are leveraging Social Media to do it….but if you are going to go through the time and effort, you might as well generate some leads from it.

Watch and learn how Open Houses are typically marketed on Facebook, and then see how to do it so that you have a great chance to generate some leads from your work!


How to Post Your Listings-to-Leads Virtual Tour on Zillow

Now that our clients are getting familiar with the Virtual Tours, they are realizing the game is really to get their links in front of as many people as possible.  If you have a free account on Zillow, you can claim your listing and embed our Virtual Tour in the listings.  It’s easy and it’s Very Effective!  Watch video below to see how.

Gotta Spread the Love!

We were working today on the Virtual Tour Interface and we were happy to see some of the feedback from our clients on Facebook while we were working.  I think every client who contacts us with questions will tell, that we respond promptly and help them.  We also learn from what our clients are asking, and use that information to make our system even better.  The input is great!  Keep it coming!

Craigslist Posting & Reposting

With all the changes that continue to happen on Craigslist we had to record a new video on how to post and repost to Craigslist.   The main thing to keep in mind is you don’t want to have too many active listings in your Craigslist account.  We can’t find a hard number, it seems to be different from city to city, but we know that when clients have too many listings their ads get ghosted.  With our Listings-to-Leads system, you can quickly post your ads on Craigslist.  Watch this quick video to see how to post and repost to Craigslist…

Insert Your Logo on the new L2L Listing Presentation

We just released our newest tool to help our clients win more listing presentations.  It is a listing presentation that is downloadable once you login.  You’ll want to edit the presentation with your contact and company info, and this video will show you how…

If you have questions let us know.



Pre-Market Your Listings with Updating from the MLS!

As Listings-to-Leads becomes more and more of a centralized marketing dashboard for brokers and agents to market their listing’s:

  1. Virtual Tours
  2. QR Codes and Mobile Property Websites
  3. Single Property Websites
  4. Craigslist ads
  5. Printable Listing Flyers
  6. Listing and Open House email Flyers and Social Media postings
  7. Blog postings and more….

Pre Marketing becomes the question brokers and agents ask more and more, “How can I start using all the tools before the listing comes in from the MLS?”

You can now enter the listing manually, to access the Virtual Tour, QR code and other tools now, then merge your listing later when it comes in from the MLS.

Watch this quick video to see the benefits and how to do it:

RE/MAX Infinity Testimonial

I love this story.  Sonda and I spoke this week, when she set up an account.  I asked her how did you find us and she said, “You were in my spam folder.”

I got this email from her this morning.

By the way the second listing I automatically input following all your suggestions landed me at #3 on google when I googled my property address. I went back in updated the Craigslist posting, uploaded to RE Marbles and the next day found myself at #1, 2, 3 on Google for the property address! Love L2L so glad I didn’t delete it from my SPAM mail!”


New Marketing Checklist from Listings-to-Leads

Checkout our new marketing checklist designed for each of your listings.

Virtual Tour Dava’s Home

See Our New Training Schedule On Home Page

Just log into your Listings-to-Leads account to register to attend..

Two classes:

Learn how to market FSBOs to generate leads!

Maximize Your Lead Generation:
SEO Template / Landing Pages

See you there!

How to Use QR Codes for Real Estate

Having produced over 40,000 QR Codes for real estate companies, brokers and agents at companies such as Prudential, RE/MAX, Keller Williams, EXIT Realty, Coldwell Banker, Long & Foster, Weichart and many leading independents including members of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Listings-to-Leads’ clients have come up with many GREAT uses for using QR Codes in the Real Estate industry.

A QR Code simply put is a bar code that allows people with smart phones such as iPhones, Androids, Blackberry’s and others to quickly scan the QR Code using a free QR Reader, and be taken to a website with content and more information about a particular property or agent.

IMPORTANT POINT: Since people are obviously using a smartphone to scan the QR Code, make sure the content you are linking to is optimized for smart phones!

Here are the top ways to use QR Codes to drive more exposure for your listings, your business and lead generation:


1. For your listings.

Use a QR Code for your listings, linking the QR Code to a single property website that is optimized for smart phones and that includes links to relevant tools and information at your website and lead capture landing pages.


This allows you to show off your listings with great detailed information such as walk scores, Google maps and street views, local school information, home and area videos and more.

It will also allow you to provide even more information about properties in your area along with other key information for consumers that will also generate leads for you.


All print media. Your Just Listed postcards, Your Farming postcards, your Property Flyers, Your letters to Expireds and your sphere of influence.

Your Yard Sign. Put your listing’s QR Code on your yard sign so that people driving by or walking by can scan it and go right to your lead capture single property website.


Put your listing’s QR Code in your MLS along with the other images for the property (that is after all what a QR Code is…an image for your property!). This will let you connect with consumers at 100s of websites that you likely have never been to and perhaps never heard of before!

If your MLS does not allow you to upload a QR Code, then upload them directly to the websites themselves. See photo #5 here.


For Your Business Card

Use a QR Code for your business. DO NOT link to your website as that is on the front of your business card and does a bad job of easily providing information and converting leads.

Link to a ‘tool kit’ that includes your contact information, links to relevant and key tools and information such as specific area property searches and other important information, along with your current listing inventory.


It will allow people to easily stay in contact with you via their smartphone, access key information at and on their terms and keep you top of mind with them.


As QR Codes are still very new to the industry, you are in a great position to teach people about new technology and thus become the ‘go to person’ for other real estate needs and questions.

What YOU need to know.

Not all QR Readers work the same on all smart phones or even different models of the same phone.

ALWAYS tell someone that does not have a QR Reader to use their favorite search engine and search “QR Reader (phone make and model) Reviews” and to read the reviews until they find a QR Reader that has been found to work well on their phone make and model. This will save them the time and trouble of downloading that works well for you on your phone, but not for them on theirs.

I have heard that QR Readers that work well on the iPhone 3 do not work well on the iPhone 4. And the QR Reader that worked well on my Blackberry did not work well on my Android.


Listings-to-Leads clients, both brokers and Realtors, have QR Codes that are automatically generated for every listing that is linked to a lead capture single property website that is also automatically generated and updated for most clients via daily updates from their MLS, the KWLS or other datafeeds provided by Listings-to-Leads data partners such as AgentAchieve, Realistq and others.

You can Google “QR Generator” to find many websites that you can make free QR Codes and then go to any number of websites to get the content to link it to.

QR Codes are a worldwide phenomena that are now catching on fast in the United States with the explosive popularity of smart phones. The sooner you start using QR Codes for your marketing, the sooner you will be the expert in this new technology in your market.

Scott Pierce is the founder and lead trainer of Listings-to-Leads, a leading provider of lead generation tools for real estate brokers and agents on Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, SEO and other online marketing products. Scott Pierce was formerly the Director of Online Marketing at a leading Sotheby’s International Realty affiliate. Listings-to-Leads generates more website traffic, leads and SEO for brokers and agents using their listings, the number one searched item by online consumers. Listings-to-Leads is an Approved Vendor at Keller Williams, an Approved Supplier at EXIT Realty International and used by brokers and Realtors at all major real estate firms throughout the United States and Canada.

The Definitive Guide to Real Estate on Craigslist

 Click here to Download and Review The Definitive Guide to Real Estate on Craigslist

Unleash Traffic and Leads on the Internet and NOT Pay for Expensive PPC and SEO Programs..

Download and Review the White Paper.

Why Your Website Visitors Do Not Become Leads

Why Your Website Visitors Do Not Become Leads…

To know why your website has such an anemic conversion rate of visitors to ‘leads’ you have to know why people come to your website and why people leave your website.

The top reasons people come to your website:

1) Search Homes for Sale

2) Get Home Values

The top four reasons people leave your website[1]:

1) Impatience

2) Confusion

3) Caution

4) Indecision

The problem? You have about seven seconds[2] to get people doing what they want to do before they become impatient, confused, cautious and indecisive and then leave.

Now look at your website. Really look and see how easy you make it for people to search the homes that they want or for them to get information on their homes value.

Even further, what are you doing for them that is above and beyond what 1,000 other real estate related websites are doing?

The more people click, the more you lose

Every click a person performs is a decision. The more decisions, the likelihood of indecision increases and impatience, confusion and caution and their gone.

Too many choices leads to less action

Giving people a webpage with 30 different links and buttons to click has the opposite effect of what you are hoping.

Giving a lot of choices to the consumer, many of which are irrelevant to them, forces people at your website to have to make that many more decisions, increasing indecision, impatience and confusion and their gone.

Let’s Do a Test – Give Them a Reason, Give Them a Way

Since your website likely has an exceedingly low conversion rate, let’s test a new approach for a few months and see what the results are.

EVERY page on your website should have a REASON and a WAY for people to contact you. Otherwise you are wasting your time and money and more importantly, your website visitors time.

  1. The banner – Use your broker logo with a beautiful image of your local area as the background. Not your picture, not your slogan and not all of your contact information. And keep it at around 150 pixels vertical or less!
  2. Website Pages – If it does not involve a ‘property search’, ‘home value tool’ or related information where thEe ability to immediately contact you for more information exists, lose it.

Related information may include:

  1. Area information, but this should ideally be on the same page as your specific area property searches to drive SEO and cut down on unneeded links (i.e. decisions that lead to abandonment).
  2. Short Sale / How to Avoid Foreclosure information. Keep the information short and to the point and include your contact information at the top of the page.


For more information on how I can help you avoid foreclosure contact me at or call 800-788-8508.

And then put your information on short sales or how you will help them avoid a foreclosure below. Include a few testimonials as well.

As always, include specific area property searches within your main sales area on your homepage so that people can get to the homes for sale they want in one click which will reduce their impatience and confusion which then leads to caution, indecision and abandonment of your website.

Include a tool like Top Producers Market Snapshot or another similar tool for sellers to find out their homes value. And do NOT just put Sign-Up for Market Snapshot. This does not tell people anything about why they should sign-up or what they will get from it. You know what Market Snapshot is, but most likely your website visitor does not.

Better: “How is the real estate market doing? Find out your homes value now!” as a link below your graphic leading people to your Home Values Tool.

Take it out.

Take out all the information that does not meet the criteria listed above. A good idea is to either inactivate the pages, or if you have to delete them, copy the content from the pages you are going to take out into a word document and then save this in a folder on your computer so that you can access it later if you need to.


Give it a few months and see how your website conversion does. It will very likely increase as people find what it is they are looking for much faster with little confusion.

Now Drive Traffic

Once your website is able to let people get the information they want quickly and easily, you can start concentrating on driving more traffic to it with the confidence that your website will finally be the online lead generating tool you hoped it would be.

[1] eWayDirect – Strategic Marketing

[2] MarketingExperiments

Why your Lead Generation Programs Do not Work.

Lead Generation is not a program. Lead Generation is a system.

It starts with your listings, then your website, then your online ads and then your website again and then your online ads again.

How all of these fit and work together will largely determine the success of your online marketing and lead generation efforts.

If you do not optimize each of these areas you lose maximum effectiveness in the others, and in your entire lead generation effort.

And as a major benefit, once you have these components of lead generation optimized, all the other programs you want to use will actually start converting better for you.

The Listings-to-Leads Generation Webinar Series below will get you set-up to finally start generating the traffic and leads you deserve easier
and most cost effective than ever before. Want this training for your company or office? Click Here.